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Charting the Future: Breaking Down UAE’s New E-Commerce Law

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Charting the Future: Breaking Down UAE’s New E-Commerce Law

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has taken a monumental stride in regulating its burgeoning digital commerce sector with the enforcement of a new e-commerce law. Al Kabban & Associates brings you insights into the key facets of this comprehensive law, underscoring its significance in the dynamic landscape of digital trade.

The Scope of the E-Commerce Law: A Game-Changer for Digital Commerce

Implemented in September 2023, the new e-commerce law is a 9-page document, outlining a broad set of standards and requirements for businesses engaged in trading through modern technological means. This encompasses digital commerce, e-commerce, and social commerce, spanning websites, platforms, smartphone applications, social media, virtual stores, and blockchain-based platforms.

Consumer-Centric Focus: Prioritizing Digital Consumers’ Rights

At the heart of this law is a commitment to safeguarding digital consumers’ rights and obligations. Al Kabban & Associates recognizes the pivotal role of this legislation in fostering a secure and transparent digital marketplace. It is worth noting that this law intersects with various other UAE laws, including those on consumer protection, intellectual property, payments, data protection, cybersecurity, and electronic transactions.

Key Provisions and Standards Set by the E-Commerce Law: An Overview

The new law establishes standards for trading through modern technological means, emphasizing:

Technically Secure Environment: Mandating a secure environment for online trading and compliance with cybersecurity requirements.

Consumer Privacy: Prioritizing consumer privacy and prohibiting the use of misleading data or methods in goods and services promotion.

Competition Law Compliance: Meeting competition law requirements.

Business Continuity Plans: Ensuring the existence of business continuity plans.

Consumer Rights Enshrined: Empowering Digital Consumers

The law grants a set of rights to digital consumers, including the right to return goods or services bought digitally, communicate with digital merchants for ratings or complaints, control receipt of advertising, and secure protection of consumer information and data.

Dispute Resolution Mechanisms: A Fair Digital Marketplace

The law provides for robust dispute resolution methods, including a committee formed by the Ministry of the Economy for e-commerce disputes and arbitration for digital contracts exceeding AED 50,000.

Extra-Territorial Effect and Exclusions

The law has the potential to be applied to those engaged in modern technological means inside or outside the UAE. However, clarity on this aspect is anticipated through future regulations. Exclusions include UAE government procurement, non-commercial use of data, platforms and smart applications, supervised digital currencies, and transactions by licensed financial institutions and insurance companies.

Al Kabban & Associates: Your Guide in Navigating E-Commerce Regulations

As the UAE reshapes its digital commerce landscape, Al Kabban & Associates stands ready to assist businesses in understanding and complying with these transformative regulations. Stay informed, stay compliant, and navigate the future of e-commerce with confidence. Contact us today and speak with our expert business lawyers in Dubai for any legal questions or concerns you have, and let us guide you and your business in the right direction.


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