Mr. Abdelazim Zaher | Law Consultant in UAE | Labor Disputes

Abdelazim Zaher

Abdul Azim Syed Ahmed

Abdelazim Zaher

Mr. Abdelazim Zaher holds a Bachelor’s degree in law from the Faculty of Sharia and Law – Al-Azhar University in 2006. He joined the Egyptian Bar Association in the Arab Republic of Egypt and also holds a Professional Diploma in Arabic and International Arbitration for commercial and investment disputes. He engages in Legal Consultations pertaining to various branches of law in Egypt and the United Arab Emirates.

Some of the major areas of specialization include civil and commercial matters, real estates disputes, labor cases, banking and Insurance, commercial contracts, construction contracts, investment disputes, Sharia laws, rental disputes and maritime law. Mr. Abdelazim Zaher joined Al-Kabban and Associates in 2015 as a legal consultant and has been a contributing asset to the firm since.

Areas of Practice:

  • Civil and Commercial Disputes
  • Compensation cases
  • Real Estate disputes
  • Labor disputes
  • Disputes arising out of insurance contracts
  • Disputes in business banking
  • Disputes arising from construction contracts
  • Disputes arising out of Personal Status matters
  • Litigation proceedings
  • Disputes arising from commercial agencies and trademarks and suppression of fraud
  • Disputes involving corporate and commercial matters
  • Disputes arising out of copyright and related rights, publications, publishing and the organization and protection of Intellectual Property rights