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Social Media Influencer Regulations in Dubai and the UAE: Fines and License Requirements

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Social Media Influencer Regulations in Dubai and the UAE: Fines and License Requirements

In a significant move, the UAE, particularly Abu Dhabi, is intensifying regulations governing social media influencers. Effective immediately, businesses that engage influencers without proper licenses face substantial fines of up to Dhs10,000 ($2,720). This stern measure underscores the commitment of the Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development (ADDED) to maintain an equitable economic environment.

Fines for Non-Compliance

ADDED’s regulations mandate that all economic establishments in Abu Dhabi strictly follow guidelines when collaborating with influencers. Fines for violations start at Dhs 3,000 ($817) and can reach up to Dhs 10,000 ($2,720). These penalties highlight the necessity of obtaining appropriate licensing to avoid legal repercussions and potential business closure.

Steps to Obtain an Influencer License

To legally operate as an influencer in Dubai and the UAE, obtaining a license from the National Media Council (NMC) is mandatory. This licensing requirement, introduced in 2018, applies to influencers receiving compensation for advertising, reviews, or product placements on social media platforms.

Overview of NMC License Categories

1. Category 1 (Individual): Designed for independent influencers.

2. Category 2 (Partnership): Suitable for influencer groups requiring company registration.

3. Category 3 (Agency): Affiliated with NMC-certified agencies, covering influencers under their license.

Requirements and Documentation

To qualify for an influencer license, applicants must meet specific criteria:

– Age Requirement: Above 25 years old.

– Residency: Must hold UAE or GCC residency.

– Reputation: Clean record without criminal history.

– NMC Membership: Not a member of the National Media Council.

How Al Kabban & Associates Can Assist

Navigating the influencer licensing process in Dubai and the UAE can be complex, particularly for newcomers. At Al Kabban & Associates, we specialize in facilitating the establishment of influencer businesses amongst many other businesses. We offer comprehensive assistance in:

– Selecting the optimal jurisdiction for your influencer license application.

– Preparation and submission of required documents to relevant authorities.

– Guiding you through the application and payment process for the influencer license.


Understanding and complying with influencer regulations in Dubai and the UAE are crucial for businesses and individuals leveraging social media for marketing. Adherence to licensing requirements not only ensures legal compliance but also enhances credibility within the influencer community. For expert guidance and support in obtaining your influencer license, contact Al Kabban & Associates at +97144539090 or email today.

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