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3 Provisions for Sick Leaves of Probational UAE Employees

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Probationary employees in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are entitled to certain sick leave provisions outlined in the UAE Labor Law. Sick leave is a period of absence granted to an employee due to an illness that requires medical attention. To prevent situations involving a labor lawyer, here are three provisions you must know:

Sick Leave Entitlement

Probationary employees in the UAE are entitled to sick leave after completing three months of continuous service with their employer. During the first six months of employment, an employee is not entitled to sick leave. However, if an employee falls ill during this period, the employer may grant them sick leave at their approval.

After six months of service, a probationary employee has the right to 15 days of sick leave per year. This sick leave can be taken in one or more periods, and the employee will be paid their basic salary for their absence. If an employee exhausts their sick leave entitlement and still needs time off due to illness, the employer may grant unpaid leave at their discretion.

Medical Certification

Probationary employees in the UAE must submit to their employer a medical certificate from a licensed physician for any sick leave that exceeds two consecutive days. The medical certificate should state the nature of the illness, the expected duration of the illness, and whether the employee is fit to return to work.

Suppose an employee fails to provide a medical certificate for their sick leave. In that case, their absence may be considered unauthorized and subject to disciplinary action and an instance with a labor lawyer. However, their absence may be excused if an employee cannot obtain a medical certificate due to circumstances beyond their control, such as hospitalization or a natural disaster.

Sick Leave during the Probationary Period

Probationary employees in the UAE are not entitled to sick leave during their probationary period, which typically lasts for six months. However, if an employee falls ill during their probationary period and requires time off, the employer may grant them sick leave at their discretion.

If possible, Employees should avoid taking sick leave during their probationary period. This is because taking sick leave during the probationary period may negatively impact the employee’s chances of passing their probationary period and being hired regularly. In addition, employers and employees must be aware of the sick leave provisions under the UAE Labor Law. Employers should communicate their sick leave policies to their employees, and employees should ensure that they understand their entitlements and obligations regarding sick leave.

Ensure You Are Compensated According to the Labor Law with Al Kabban & Associates

There are certain provisions and rules regarding sick leaves for probationary employees. Employers and employees must understand these sick leave provisions to comply with UAE Labor Law and avoid legal disputes.

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