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Construction & Infrastructure

Over the past 10 years, Dubai has witnessed phenomenal growth and its pace continues to increase. Since 1993, Dubai’s urbanized land mass has grown by 63 per cent. Currently, 60% of the world’s cranes operate in Dubai which gives an insight to the magnitude of construction in the region. With such rapid and expansive growth, emphasis on precise regulations and legal framework has become paramount in this sector. Al Kabban & Associates have developed an international appreciation for outstanding work, successfully representing several developers and contractors, including Wade Adam Contracting LLC, Ranya Contracting LLC, and many more. Across the board, our legal team has extensive experience in developing risk management strategies for our clients, and providing in-depth knowledge of the various contractual requirements to protect companies from the increasing number of claims on construction projects as seen in recent times. We are dedicated to acting efficiently and exceeding expectations resulting in total client satisfaction.

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