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St.Lucia By Investment

St Lucia is an independent Commonwealth State, the country is located in the Eastern Caribbean and has a beautiful mountain terrain, including Mount Gimie and the Pitons, which are the island’s most famous landmarks. St Lucia is a United Nations, OECS and CARICOM member. St. Lucia is the only Caribbean country that gives the option to invest in Government bonds to obtain citizenship.

Today, people visit St Lucia for its volcanic geography and geothermal activity. The island of St Lucia is also known for the Pitons – a famous pair of pointy mountains.

St Lucia may only be a small island – 43 kilometres long and a maximum of 23 kilometres wide – but its landscape is incredibly varied. There are breath-taking mountains, lush rainforests, volcanic sand beaches and colourful coral reefs! This makes St Lucia a popular place for tourists to visit from all around the world especially people who love to dive and snorkel.

St. Lucia CBI Eligibility:

An individual wishing to submit an application through the Saint Lucia Citizenship by Investment Programme:

  • Must be at least 18 years of age
  • Pass a due diligence check along with their qualifying dependents over the age of 16
  • Must have a clean criminal record
  • Provide full and frank disclosure on all matters pertaining to the application
  • Must show a legitimate source of income

Investment Options:

  1. National Economic Fund Donation Starting from $100,000
  2. Real Estate Investment: for a min. Investment of $300,000
  3. Government Bond Investment: for a five-year holding period from the date of first issue. The investment in government bonds starts from $500,000

Benefits of St. Lucia Citizenship:

  • Dependents: Spouse, kids till 30Y who are fully financially dependent, parents of min 55Y age, unmarried sibling below 18Y
  • Easy second passport and citizenship for your family members
  • No need to provide your bank statements
  • Duty-free access to several markets across the Caribbean
  • No formal requirement to reside in country before or after citizenship has been granted
  • Right to live, work, and study in St. Lucia as any other citizen
  • Processing time only 60-90 Days
  • Visa-free access to around 146 countries and territories including UK, EU and Schengen countries
  • St. Lucia allows Dual Citizenship
  • Family members such as spouse, child and siblings can be added later post obtaining citizenship of main applicant
  • Tax free – no income tax, inheritance or wealth tax


What is the Saint Lucia Citizenship by Investment Programme?

The Citizenship by Investment Act No. 14 of 2015 and the Citizenship by Investment Saint Lucia Regulations No. 89 of 2015 with their respective amendments, allows an eligible person to acquire citizenship of Saint Lucia pursuant to a successful application and upon the payment of a qualifying investment and signing the Oath of Allegiance.

Who is a qualifying dependent?

Spouse, child up to 21 years of age, child who is no more than 30 years of age and who is fully supported by the applicant, child of any age who is physically or mentally challenged, parent or parent-in-law who is above 55 years of age and who is fully supported by the applicant, a parent of any age who is physically or mentally challenged and who is fully supported by the applicant, an unmarried sibling of the applicant who is below 18 years of age.

What if my child does not fall under the criteria of 'qualifying dependent?

In a case where your child does not fall within the criteria of ‘qualifying dependent’, he/she would need to apply as a separate ‘principal applicant’-if they are 18 years of age or older.

Can I submit my application directly to the Saint Lucia Citizenship by Investment Programme?

No. An applicant MUST go through a licensed Authorised Agent who will submit the application(s) on your behalf.

How long does it take to process my citizenship application?

From the date of notifying your Authorised Agent that your application has been accepted for processing, it will take approximately ninety (90) days to the grant of citizenship. Should there be any extenuating circumstances that would cause a delay in the processing of your application, your Authorised Agent will be informed directly by the Saint Lucia Citizenship by Investment Programme.

What language should my supporting documents be in?

All supporting documents must be submitted in the original language “ENGLISH”. Where the original language of the supporting document is NOT English, then you MUST provide the document in its original language and in the required format (original or certified true copy) in addition to the authenticated translation to the English language.

Does the Programme conduct due diligence on the applicants?

The Saint Lucia Citizenship by Investment Programme has a rigorous due diligence process which entails engaging law enforcement and third-party due diligence firms. Upon receipt of feedback from law enforcement and due diligence firms, a decision is made on the application.

Will the Programme conduct due diligence on my sixteen (16) year old?

Yes, due diligence is completed on applicants sixteen (16) years and older.

Where can the oath or affirmation be taken and who can sign?

A successful applicant shall sign the oath of allegiance before an attorney-at-law, a Consular Officer of Saint Lucia, an Honorary Consul of Saint Lucia, or a Notary Royal or Notary Public.

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