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Spain Golden Visa

Spain Golden Visa By Investment

The Golden Visa for Spain is a residence visa issued to a non-EU national who intends to make a significant investment in the Spanish economy. The visa offers the holder and their family members residency in Spain and visa-free access to the Schengen Zone. After 5 years of living in Spain with a Golden Visa, a person can apply for permanent residence and after next 5 years of living in Spain as a permanent resident, the person can apply for Spain citizenship.

Spain is in the EU since 1985 and in the Schengen area since 1995. The country’s high standards of living and developing economy are the factors that make it an attractive option for relocation. Both families and businesses nowadays treat Spain as an important candidate for future investments.

Especially for non-EU nationals who want to pursue their career or life goals in Europe, Spain Golden Visa Program is a great option. It allows one to reside, study, and work in Spain. In addition it may also lead to permanent residency and eventually citizenship.

Eligibility for Spain Golden Visa:

  1. You must be of legal age (+18 years old)
  2. You must have no history of criminal records
  3. You must not have been refused a Schengen Visa in the past
  4. You must have health insurance in Spain
  5. You’re able to prove sufficient funds to live on without working in Spain

Investment Options for Spain Golden Visa:

  1. Purchase real estate of minimum €500,000
  2. Investments in stocks, bonds, shares in a fund or a deposit for a minimum €1,000,000
  3. Investment in the Spanish Government Bonds of at least €2,000,000

Benefits of Spain Golden Visa:

  • Visa-free travel to the Schengen countries
  • “Safe haven”: An investor doesn’t have to live in Spain to obtain the status, but they can visit the country at any time, even if the borders are closed
  • Access to European education and medical care
  • Working and conducting business in Spain
  • Prospect of obtaining EU citizenship
  • Low cost of living in comparison with other Western European countries
  • You do not have to live in Spain to renew the Golden Visa – but you can if you want to
  • You can bring your family members with you (spouse, children, and dependent parents)
  • You can buy property anywhere and any type of property, you can also buy multiple properties.
  • You can start earning income by renting out the property immediately


What is a Golden Visa in Spain?

It is a new type of residence visa, established by the Law 14/2013, of the 27th of September, aimed at non-EU citizens who want to enter the Spanish territory in order to carry out significant capital investment.

Does the Golden Visa authorize me to circulate freely within the Schengen area?

Yes. Spain investment visa authorizes to circulate freely within the “Schengen” area.

Can I keep my tax residence outside Spain?

Yes. You can keep your tax residence outside Spain, as long as you stay in Spain for a period less than 183 days per year. Also, the residence permit can be renewed even with absences longer than six months per year.

Does the Golden Visa authorize me to work?

Yes. The Golden Visa authorizes you to live and work in Spain.

Is the €500,000 per applicant or per application?

Per applicant, but you can also include your companion relatives, who can jointly and simultaneously or successively request the authorization and, in case, the visa. Nevertheless, they have to fulfill the general requirements and prove the relationship bond through their corresponding certificates.

Can I buy more than one property for a Spain investment visa?

Yes. The reference to real estate assets made by the law does not mean only one property and not only one type of property. In any case, the investment has to be carried out before requesting the visa.

At the termination of the maximum period of five years, can I request long-term residence?

It can be requested, but will not be granted automatically at the termination of the investor’s permit. In this case, the continuity of the residence in Spain should be proven for the acquisition of the long-term residence.

Yes. The time lived in Spain legally will count to request the long-term residency and also the nationality.

Is Spain citizenship by investment possible?

Spain Golden Visa program isn’t a direct route to citizenship. However, if you live in Spain for 10 years and meet the criteria, you can be eligible for citizenship.

Is the Spanish residence by Investment (RBI) program targeted for all foreign citizens?

No. The program is only focused on non-EU citizens.

It is not applicable to EU members or to any other foreigner under the EU law umbrella who are beneficiaries of free residence and movement rights.

Which family members could be included in my application?

  • Main applicant husband/spouse or person with an analogous affective relationship.
  • Children under the age of 18.
  • Children of legal age who, depending economically on the main applicant, have not constituted a family unit.
  • Main applicant ascendants in first grade (grandparents etc.) depending economically on the main applicant.

For this purposes, what should be understood as “real estate”?

Any kind of real estate assets such as rustic land, urban plots, buildings, houses, commercial premises, offices, parking spaces, and so on.

Do I have any obligation to reside in Spain?

The acquisition of a residence visa or authorization does not demand effective residence in Spain (to reside in Spain for more than 183 days per year). Law 14/2013 requires to visit Spain at least once during the residence permit.

Can we work in Spain during the residence permit?

Yes. Law 14/2013 authorize main applicant and family members to reside and work in Spain during the residence permit following the requirements of the Spanish labour legislation.

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