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Hiring a Real Estate Lawyer: Must-Ask Questions for Homeowners

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Real estate deals can be quite complex and may require the expertise of a legal professional to navigate the intricacies involved. Before hiring a real estate lawyer, it is crucial to conduct an interview to assess their qualifications, experience, and suitability for your specific needs.

This article outlines key questions to ask during an interview with a real estate lawyer to make sure you make an informed decision when selecting the best legal representative for your property transactions.

1. Qualifications and Experience

  • How long have you been practising real estate law?
  • What proportion of your practice involves real estate matters?
  • What specific areas of real estate law do you specialise in?
  • Can you provide references from clients you have represented in similar cases?
  • Are you a member of any professional organisations related to real estate law?

These questions will give you a better understanding of the lawyer’s experience and specialisation in real estate law. Hiring a lawyer with a solid background in this field is important to ensure they are well-equipped to handle your specific property-related matters.

2. Legal Strategy and Approach

  • How would you approach my particular case or transaction?
  • What potential challenges do you foresee, and how would you manage them?
  • Are there any alternative approaches or strategies you would consider?
  • Can you provide a rough timeline for completing my case or transaction?

Discussing the lawyer’s strategy and approach will help you determine if they have a clear plan for handling your case and if they are aware of potential obstacles. Additionally, understanding their proposed timeline will give you an idea of the expected duration of the process.

3. Communication and Availability

  • How often can I anticipate getting updates on my case or transaction?
  • What is your preferred manner of communication (phone, email, in-person meetings)?
  • What is your usual response time to customer queries?
  • Will you personally handle my case, or will it be assigned to another lawyer or a team within your firm?

Effective communication is crucial for a successful working relationship with your real estate lawyer. Ensure that the lawyer you choose is accessible and responsive to your needs, and clarify who will be responsible for handling your case.

4. Fees and Billing

  • What is your fee structure (hourly rate, flat fee, or contingency)?
  • Can you provide an estimate of the total cost for my case or transaction?
  • Should I be aware of any additional expenses (such as court fees, expert witness fees)?
  • What payment options do you offer (full payment upfront, instalments, or payment at the conclusion of the case)?

Understanding the lawyer’s fees and billing structure is essential for budgeting purposes and to avoid any surprises later on. Be sure to ask for a detailed breakdown of costs and any additional fees that may arise during the course of your case or transaction.

5. Track Record and Success Rate

Can you share examples of similar cases or transactions you have successfully handled?

What is your success rate in cases or transactions like mine?

How do you define success in real estate cases or transactions, and how do you measure it?

While past performance does not necessarily indicate future results, inquiring about the lawyer’s track record and success rate can provide valuable insight into their expertise and capabilities in handling similar cases or transactions.


Choosing the right real estate lawyer is a crucial decision that can significantly impact the outcome of your property transaction or legal dispute. By asking these essential questions during an interview, you can gauge the lawyer’s qualifications, experience, approach, communication style, fees, and past performance to make an informed decision when hiring a legal expert for your real estate matters.

Remember, a well-versed real estate lawyer can save you time, money, and stress, so take the time to select the best fit for your property needs.

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