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Al Kabban & Associates Advocates and Legal Consultants presents its debt recovery department which has been set up to assist our clients, individuals and companies in recovering their overdue debts. As a professional team of Debt Collectors, we are committed to setting up collections with the broadest standards of integrity, while maintaining the highest standards in confidentiality of our clients.

We pursue a wide array of debt collections which include trade debts, travel debts, health care & medical debts, banks collections, construction & maintenance debts, mortgage payment collections, stock & default accounts collection, insurance collection, bounced cheques & unpaid invoices collection, real estate & instalment collections, unpaid salaries and much more. Furthermore, Al Kabban & Associates are specialists in providing full legal assistance in filing civil and criminal cases on behalf of our clients in order to recover the outstanding debts as the final step in the debt recovery process. In addition to recovering debts, we can conduct an extensive search of the debtors’ s assets & investments via the U.A.E Courts to assist and increase the likelihood of success.


Due to our unique brand awareness our compliant Debt Recovery services consistently achieve 25% higher recovery rates than those of our competitors.

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