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Achievements in Cases

Criminal Cases
  • Over 1,000 cases annually with a success rate of approximately 90% representing the accused and/or the accuser.
  • Public indecency
    Setting a precedent by acquitting a couple accused of public indecency in their car. Numerous other successful cases by acquitting clients against charges of public indecency.
  • Premeditated murder
    Reducing R.R’s sentence from execution to ten years imprisonment on account of lack of evidence.
  • Human Trafficking
    First human trafficking case to be presented at the Dubai Criminal Courts where the accused T.P was acquitted from all charges due to a lack of evidence and intentions for the alleged trafficking.
  • Cheque Cases (Criminal & Civil)
    Over 600 cases with an approximate total recovery of over AED 750 million.
  • Crimes relating to Illicit substances
    Over 100 cases in acquitting numerous transit passengers and residents accused of consuming illicit substances. Numerous successful cases where the Defendant is acquitted from his/her charges based on the lack of investigational procedures by the authorities. Reducing M.A’s sentence from execution to life imprisonment despite allegations of his truck being packed with illicit substances.
Civil Cases
  • Property Cases
    Representatives for over 300 cases annually with a total recovered value of approximately AED 500 Million. Setting a precedent by being the first law firm to receive a favorable judgment for repudiation of the Sales & Purchase Agreements for properties against the major developers based on Article (3) of Law 13 2008 regarding the interim registration of the property contracts. Read more
  • Compensation Claims
    Representatives for over 500 cases with a total recovery value of approximately AED 250 Million. AED 1 Million per case was recovered for numerous cases. Read more
  • Insurance
    Representatives for over 500 insurance cases with over AED 500 Million recovered. Read more
  • Banking
    Over AED 1 Billion recovered on behalf of the banks represented. Read more
  • Corporate Law
    Representatives for some of the largest and most reputable companies in the United Arab Emirates. Read more
  • Arbitration
    Distinguished members at the Dubai International Arbitration Centre. Acting as Arbitrators and counsel representation for over 100 cases in Arabic and English. Read more
  • Shariah Law
    Representatives for over 100 cases, which include successful issuing of the shariah, decree for the lawful heirs and numerous favorable judgment in custody battles. Read more
Debt Collection Cases
  • Successfully recovered over AED (XXXXXX) Million on behalf of our clients from corporate and individual defaulters Get Your Free Quote 

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