Practice Areas

Banking & Finance

With our long-standing history of advising major banking and financial institutes on all aspects relating to Banking and Financial Laws, the legal team at Al Kabban & Associates have the experience and capability to cater to any matter that may arise. Based on this extensive experience, we have been regular advisors to several banks including Bank Melli Iran, Emirates NBD along with many private high net worth individuals that have seen us represent clients in both conventional and Islamic bank transactions. This exposure has provided us with the ability to cater better to the regional requirements of the sector. Locally and internationally the firm’s involvement includes providing advice to international institutes, directing on aspects that include all areas of finance operations, IPO’s, implementing complex transactions, structuring, derivatives, securitization and licensing of financial institutions.

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Compensation Claims

When it comes to making a claim whether large or small, selecting the right lawyer is a crucial element that can make a big difference to the outcome of your case. Al Kabban & Associates have broad experience in Compensation Law, giving each and every one of our cases total commitment and dedication. We listen, prepare cases with immense depth and fight aggressively for the rights of our clients. The claims of our clients range from workplace injuries, unfair working conditions to more extreme cases such as severe health conditions due to a workplace incident or in worst cases loss of life.

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Construction & Infrastructure

Over the past 10 years, Dubai has witnessed phenomenal growth and its pace continues to increase. Since 1993, Dubai's urbanized land mass has grown by 63 per cent. By 2015 the Municipality estimates that Dubai will be nearly two and half times the size it is today. Currently, 60% of the world’s cranes operate in Dubai which gives an insight to the magnitude of construction in the region. With such rapid and expansive growth, emphasis on precise regulations and legal framework has become paramount in this sector. Al-Kabban & Associates have developed an international appreciation for outstanding work, successfully representing several developers and contractors, including Wade Adam Contracting LLC, Ranya Contracting LLC, and many more. Across the board, our legal team has extensive experience in developing risk management strategies for our clients, and providing in-depth knowledge of the various contractual requirements to protect companies from the increasing number of claims on construction projects as seen in recent times. We are dedicated to acting efficiently and exceeding expectations resulting in total client satisfaction.

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Corporate & Commercial

Dubai is a renowned international business-trading hub. Al-Kabban and Associates have had an increased demand as advisories for several local and international corporations on various matters such as conducting mergers and major acquisitions, offering a personalized service that caters to all business requirements. Our legal team has perfected their expertise in creating and reviewing contracts that protect the company’s rights and ultimately prevent mishaps from occurring during procedures. Advice and Agreements are a necessity in the corporate world. We have advised many major corporations on legal issues relating to their business. Our team of lawyers specialize in reviewing and producing contracts for corporate purposes such as Distribution Agreements, Franchise Agreements, Consulting Agreements, Agency Agreements, Copyright & Trademark Agreements, Joint Ventures and Terms and Conditions of Sale.

Corporate setup and structuring plays a vital role in the establishment and success of a business. Al-Kabban & Associates have a qualified and well-equipped team that ensure setting up of a business is a smooth and hassle free process, avoiding time consuming obstacles. Not only does our team help with the setup, we also provide solutions, expert advice and strategic direction to effectively minimize any chance of legal disputes occurring. Al Kabban & Associates act as your partner to ensure a secure and successful business of any nature.

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While defending criminal cases, the best defense truly is a strong offense. Maximizing the potential for a positive outcome for the criminal defense lawyer often means outworking the prosecution. The reputation and respectability earned over the last two decades by Al-Kabban & Associates creates a demanding influence over a judge’s final decision. The practice has a team of lawyers who are highly qualified at investigating every aspect of a charge against the convicted. Our team has earned a reputation for dismissing accusations and reducing existing sentences. Al-Kabban & Associates are dedicated to providing the client and their families with the best possible outcome in a cost effective manner.

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Cyber Crimes

One of the fast growing areas of crime is Cyber Crime. Criminals and fraud artists are exploiting the convenience, speed and anonymity that technologies of today offer to commit serious offences. Attacks against computer systems and data, identity theft, Internet auction fraud, online financial services, deployment of viruses, botnets, and various email scams such as phishing are ways in which individuals and businesses are being targeted. Its disrupting and often frightening as the victim is unaware of the identity of its perpetrator and is oblivious of the means to end his misery. Al Kabban & Associates have experience in these issues, helping many companies and individuals alike win cases in all areas of cyber crime on a personal and corporate scale.

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Dispute Resolution

(Litigation, Mediation, Arbitration and Conciliation)

Over the years, the lawyers at Al Kabban & Associates have honed their skills to excel in this versatile area of practice which as a result have given them the reputation as one of the most aggressive litigators in the region. Well versed and skilled in all aspects of litigation covering every level of the Dubai judicial system, our lawyers are registered and authorized to practice in all courts of the UAE.

Research is a vital part of litigation so in order to provide the client with the best representation possible our lawyers utilize all available resources and consult with experts in fields such as engineering, accident reconstruction experts, arson and fire related experts, bad faith experts, physicians and other medical professionals, economists, and vocational consultants to build a solid base for the client’s defense throughout all stages of litigation.

Opening up the lines of communication through mediation is an area of expertise for the lawyers at Al-Kabban & Associates. Al-Kabban & Associates are an authorized and experienced firm in conducting Arbitrations in Dubai through the Dubai International Arbitration Centre (DIAC)as well as in Arbitration Centers throughout the U.A.E. and internationally through the Paris International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) involved is always a preferred option to taking matters into court. The firm ensures that proceedings are conducted in an efficient and non time consuming manner.

Al-Kabban & Associates are known as one of the most effective and profound arbitrators in the U.A.E. The local knowledge backed by affiliations with foreign Law firms is a key component to the practice at Al-Kabban & Associates as it contributes to our successful handling of large-scale disputes in a culturally sensitive manner.

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Shariah Law

Often a sensitive and emotionally exhausting experience, our team handles these matters with sensitivity whilst remaining a pillar of strength to the client during all stages. We are highly experienced in all areas of Shariah Law and can help our clients make good decisions while understanding various facets of this law like Child Custody Laws, divorce mediation and settlement, determination of entitlements or protection of assets etc. Our litigators and mediators consistently and strategically provide positive outcomes while avoiding any difficulties throughout the process. Other areas that we can assist with range from negotiating visitation rights of children, marital estate matters, ensuring protection of assets in the event of divorce, adoptions and custody issues, paternity suits along with asset protection plans as well as the procurement of wills and final testaments.

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When a dispute arises, you need representation that achieves a positive, time efficient and cost-effective outcome. We have handled all aspects of insurance disputes, claims and coverage issues representing major insurance corporations as well as individuals where we have vigorously defended claims made against insurers and the insured. These claims have ranged from excessive and unnecessary medical treatment and/or fraudulent appearing bodily injury and property damage claims. A range of complex issues often arise when dealing with Insurance Law and our team are confident and experienced in resolving any matter regardless of the the nature and complexity involved.

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Iraqi Law

The recent successful efforts to stabilize and rebuild Iraq has resulted in an increased interest from investors to take advantage of this growth following post-war reconstruction and the expansion of oil production. If Iraq were to pump out all its proven oil reserves at an average of US$100 per barrel, the Baghdad government treasury would be filled to the tune of around US$10 trillion, equivalent to one-fifth of global stock market capitalization. With these type of prospects and growth, there has been a prominent demand for advice and assistance when conducting business there. Al Kabban & Associates have extensive experience covering all aspects in the Iraqi business and legal framework. At the head of the firm Dr. Reyadh Al-Kabban, whose strong political background is the foundation to his success in this sector, has built a team equipped with the experience and knowledge to effectively represent clients in the United Arab Emirates who are involved in business deals and/or disputes linked to Iraq, including the retrieval of assets, contractual setup with Iraqi firms, company setup in Iraq, oil and gas related issues.

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Maritime & Aviation

The Middle East boasts of a strong maritime tradition and has seen significant growth in commercial activity with an exponential growth in oil carriers and shipping containers that pass through Dubai. This has seen the city rapidly establish itself as one of the busiest ports operating within the region. Working alongside international law firms, Al-Kabban & Associates have developed a profound and unique service that caters to clients who demand a global perspective with a local appreciation for the rules and regulations. This is evident through the work conducted across Singapore and Saudi Arabia for several clients. With a PHD in Maritime Law, Dr. Al-Kabban has covered this area with a high success rate and has become well known in the region for his knowledge and expertise in Marine Law. His thesis on "The Effect Of Deviation Occurring In The Course Of A Maritime Voyage On The Liability Of The Carrier" from the University of Glasgow is considered a great piece of literature which is constantly being used and applauded by undergraduates and professors from all around the world.

As far as Aviation Law is concerned, we have vast experience in advising on commercial and regulatory issues, fleet renewal, business jet acquisition, and asset-based financing, reputation, aviation contract work, crisis management, strategic safety and brand reputation issues including insurance and reinsurance liability.

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Property & Real Estate

With the ongoing changes in property and real estate, legislations are constantly being

amended and modified to cater to the market. Al-Kabban & Associates have been at the forefront of ongoing disputes and have established themselves as specialists in this field. The extent of Litigation that is often required in this field suggests that not everything is going as planned as investors are seeking discounts or refunds and developers are trying to cut building costs through their contractors. Our team has comprehensive knowledge of the real estate market from representing developers to effectively retrieving investor’s input. With experience in matters regarding residential, commercial, hospitals, shopping malls and hotels, Al-Kabban & Associate are capable of providing the necessary representation you require.

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Intellectual Property

No business can afford to take its intellectual property for granted. An often mis-understood sector, our intellectual property litigation experience extends from patents, copyright and trademark infringement to those involving trade secrets, counterfeiting, advertising, e-commerce and more. With broad experience in all areas of Intellectual Property Law, we help our clients identify and secure their intellectual property rights, providing ongoing support and representation regarding both online and offline matters for personal matters as well as within the corporate sector.

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Al-Kabban & Associates are an authorized and experienced firm in conducting Arbitrations in Dubai through the Dubai International Arbitration Centre (DIAC) and internationally through the Paris International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), as well as through the arbitration mechanism in the DIFC (DIFC LCIA). Al-Kabban & Associates are known as one of the most effective and profound arbitrators in the U.A.E.

The local knowledge backed by affiliations with foreign law firms is a key component to the practice at Al-Kabban & Associates as it contributes to our successful handling of large-scale disputes in a culturally sensitive manner.

Our firm offers services and representation in the Federal Courts of the U.A.E., as well as Arbitration Centers across the U.A.E.

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Labour Law

With approximately eighty five percent of the population in Dubai being expats, we have come across situations where both the companies and employees have found themselves on unstable ground within an alien system. This has resulted in a need for strong presence of watertight contractual agreements protecting both the employer and employee. Our highly qualified team are experts within this field who endeavor to provide both corporate and personal representation and to successfully retrieve compensation packages when required. The Labor Department in Dubai provides companies and employees an uncompromised level of legal protection, so whether it's a breach of contractual agreements by a second party or the unjust treatment of an employee, Al-Kabban & Associates have the ability to achieve results in our clients favor.

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